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He is known as the greatest warrior in all of Greece, that was invulnerable to death unless struck in the certain part of his body, the left heel.


He was the the son of the Thetis and the king of Phthia, Peleus. Because This all of their other children had died right after they were born, she dipped Achilles in the river Styx to protect him, but she had to hold him by the heel, so that was the only part that was not washed in the waters.


Achilles played a major role in the Trojan war, fighting for the Greeks and eventually killing prince Hector of Troy after his companion, Patroclus died by his hand in battle.


Ultimately, his death has a couple variations that have been pass around throughout history, but the description of the event in Homer's Iliad tells that Paris, the brother of Hector, ended up shooting him with an arrow in the vulnerable ankle and killing him.



Keep your clients up to date with what's happening. To make this content your own, just Actaeon was a famous Theban hero and hunter who was also trained by Chiron, the Centaur.

The major legend that involves the hero is just that of his demise. There are some variations on what initially led to this transgression against the goddess Artemis.


However, the most popular version tells that while out hunting, he accidentally caught the virgin goddess bathing, when she realized that this man had seen her nude, he threatened to transform him into a deer. The hero then heard his nearby hunting party and called out for them to come to him, the goddess then followed through with her threat and changed him into a deer. As he took off into the woods, his very own hunting dogs tracked him down and tore him apart.

It is said that this story of Actaeon's fate is meant to represent the human sacrifices that needed to be one to appease the gods.dd your images, text and links, or connect to data from your collection.



The son of the goddess of beauty, Aphrodite, and the Trojan prince Anchises after Zeus made her fall in love with the mortal as revenge. Aphrodite revealed herself to him after they had slept together, and told Anchises to keep it a secret who his son's mother was. Apparently, he did not, and after bragging about sleeping with Aphrodite, Zeus struck him in the foot, disabling him, and forcing Aeneas to carry him.


Aeneas is the second cousin and first lieutenant to Hector and Paris. The leader of the Trojan allies, the Dardanian, is spared on the battlefield by his mother and uncle, Apollo, rescuing and protecting him from harm. Even when he is in combat against Achilles, Poseidon comes to his aid.

He is with 28 kills during the war, it is also mentioned that he is made the leader of the survivors.



The greek heroine whose name means 'equal in weight'.


Her exact parentage is left a little unknown because there are two accounts of her that mention different parents. But in both, it is said that she is undesired by her parents because the father wanted a son, so as a baby she was left in the woods to perish. But instead, she ended up being nursed by a bear that had just lost her cubs, until she is adopted by a group of hunters. She modelled herself after the goddess Artemis and became a talented huntress and decided to retain her virginity, actually killing two centaurs that tried to rape her.


In some accounts, she is mentioned as a member of the Argonauts in search of the golden fleece, but in others, she is not due to worried about having a woman onboard a ship. She is known to have been involved with the killing of the Calydonian Boar and being the first to hit the animal.


Many of the men she encounter were intimidated by her skill and her speed, but apparently her ability was able to redeem her in her father's eyes.



The son of Poseidon and the titan goddess Eurynome, who wass refered to as the greatest hero and slayer of monsters (before hecules hit the scene). He is also the only hero owner of Pegasus, despite what modern versions of the story tell you. He begged Athena to gift him with a golden bridle to help him tame the horse once he found it.


His life of a hero started off with nothing but great accomplishments: the slaying of the Chimaera, the defeat of the Amazons, and the decimation of King Solymi's attack. But once he had too many accomplishments he sstarted to think of himsself on the same level of the gods. From that he decided to fly up to Mount Olympus to be with them, but Zeus stopped him by knocking him off the back of Peagsus.

Bellerophon didnt die from the fall, but he was severly injured. And becuase offended the gods, he was shamed and lived out the est of his life alone.



The twin brothers Castor and Pollox, they shared the same mother, Leda, but had two different fathers. Castor was the sun of the king of sparta, making him a full mortal. Whereas Pollux was sfathered by Zeus, making him a demi-god. The two brothers joined the Argonauts lead by Jason and helped with the retreival of the Golden Fleece and the revenge on King Pelias. They were also part of the hunt for the Calydonian Boar and the kidnapping of Theseus' mother.

The twin boys also played a part instigating the Trojan war, by causing a disstratcion with stolen cattle, they left Paris and Helen alone. But while stealing the cattle, they were caught. Castor was fatally wounded, where as polloux was asved with the help of Zeus. As he watched Castor die, he asked his fathe to grrant half of his immorrtality to his brother. Zeus aggreeded, and now the two boys can travel between Hadess and Olympus freely and can be sseen in the night sky as the constellation gemini.



The most famous of the great greek heroes, the legends of his 12 labors has been retold time and time again. His birth is the result of a trick played on his mother Alcmene by Zeus, who made himself look like her husband while he was away and then slept with her resulting in her pregnancy. Then the day that he was meant to be born Zeus announced that there would be a baby born that would 'would rule all those around him', and this of course enraged Hera. After he was born, Hera then sent two serpents to his cradle meant to kill him, but instead he strangled them.

From then on Hercules was the best of the best in every aspect of manhood, by the time he was 19 years old he already fathered 50 children. Things took a turn for the worse when Hera persueded him to murder his wife, Megara and all of the children the two of them had together. To absolve himself of those sins he devoted 12 years of his life to king Eurystheus, and did every task that was asked. This deal was what lead to the 12 labours that included mostly the need to kill and capture a variety of different creatures.

In the end, hercules ended up being killed by his last wife, by giving him a poisoned shirt after seeing him flirt with another woman. The shirt caused him extreme pain, to the point where he started building his own funeral pyre and jumping on to it.



Jason was the hero who was the leader of the expedition to return the Golden Fleece to his half-uncle, king Pelias, after he unjustly took the throne over Jason. When he was a newborn, Pelias killed all of Jason's brother and sisters trying to ensure he kept the throne, but left Jason alive thinking he had been stillborn. The hero was then raised by Chiron the Centaur.


There was a prophecy told Pelias to be fearful of a man came from the countryside with only one sandal, and that was exactly how Jason arrived to Iolcus. Thinking the worst, Pelias send Jason on the quest for the Golden Fleece to keep him away from his rule, but being secretly blessed by Hera, Jason was destined to be successful. He then had a boat built and assembled a crew of other daring heros who were they named the Argonauts after the ship. During the voyage from Iolcus to Colchis, Jason and his crew faced many challenges, but still managed to retrieve the Fleece from king Aeetes' island and set course back home.


During the time spent on Colchis, Jason ended up marrying the king's daughter Madea, and she happily abandoned her family to be with him. But the happiness didn't last long after Jason got tired of her and moved on to another princess. Angered by his unfaithfulness, Medea murdered his new wife and both of their sons. It is said that Jason either killed himself, rebuilt himself and took the throne, or died sleeping in the decrepit rotting remains of the Argo.



Another great hero who was called second only to the mighty Hercules. He was the son of King Oeneu and Althaea, and soon after his birth the Moirai arrived to deliver two different messages. 2/3 said he was destined to be a brave and noble hero, while the third said he would perish as soon as the last stick in the fire burned up. After hearing that she took the last stick out of the fire and hid it away.

He is known as being the youngest member on the voyage of the Argo, and also as the organizer of the hunt for the Calydonian boar, which was the conquest that would lead to his death.

After slaying the beast there was some dispute about would keep the hide of the skinned boar, and even though there are two versions of the events that took place leading to his death, both end in his mother burning the stick she hid all those years.



Odysseus is the greek hero and king of Ithaca, who is the main character of Homer's The Odyssey, playing a major role during the Trojan war. The son of of Laertes and Anticlea,. he was well known for being a moving speaker and a cunning trickster, and was the mind behind the idea of the trojan horse.

He joined the greek side of the Trojan war unwillingly, because he was a previous suitor of Helen, but had a wife and son he wanted to spend his life with. After the sack of Troy, Odysseus set sail to return home but ended up making numerous stops along the way and encountering more and more issues after he offended Poseidon. He returned home after 20 years of being away and had to kill many men to reclaim his wife and his throne. Dying as an old man, he lived a full life, even though it's speculated that he was accidently killed by a child he had with Circe.



The husband of the nymph Thetis and the father of the hero Achilles. When he was a youth him and his brother, Telamon, accidently killed their half-brother, Phocus while on a hunting trip together. The two brother then had to flee their homeland, ending up in Phthia. After marrying the king's daughter, Peleus and his brother joined Jason and the argonauts along with his father in the law the king.

They all returned from the voyage after the Golden Fleece, but just like before, the king was accidentally killed by Peleus during a hunting trip. When this happened for the second time, he had to flea again making it to Iolcus, where he got in trouble with the king's wife this time. So again, he had to leave the city quickly. Finally he met Thetis.

His marriage to the sea nymph was something that was attended by all of Olympus, with the exception of one goddess, Eris, who was so offended she started the argument that would lead to the Trojan war.



The demigod son of Zeus and the mortal princess Danae, Perseus is the hero that is most known for slaying the Gorgon, Medusa. From his own children he becomes the great-grandfather and also half-brother of Hercules, who is also fathered by Zeus.

His own grandfather, the king of Argos, was told that one of his daughters children would grow up to kill him, so to prevent this he locked his daughter away so she could never marry. But that didn't stop Zeus, he appeared to her as a shower of golden rain through a crack in the roof. When the king found her with a baby, he put the two of them in a wooden chest and cast them out to sea, expecting them to perish. But thanks to the gods, they arrived safely to the island of Seriphos.

As he grew, the king of Seriphos, wanted his mother, so he devised a plan to get rid of her son, by sending him after the head of Medusa for a wedding gift. When he returned with the head, he turned the king to stone.

His other adventures include rescuing princess Andromeda from the sea monster Cetus, relieving Atlas of his punishment, and then accidentally killing his grandfather with a discus.



There is some discourse on the father of this Athenian hero, saying that it could be Poseidon or Aegeus, the founder of Athens, who fathered the child with Aethra. He was raised with his mother outside of the city of Athens and did not return until he was fully grown.

There, he took down the Marathonian Bull, after it was supposed to kill him before his father, the king could recognize him. But when that didn't work, his father's wife tried to poison him, but before he was able to drink, king Aegeus recognized the sword and sandals he had and named him as his heir.

To chase further glory after being named successor, he volunteered to be one of the Athenians who would be sent to the Labyrinth and sacrificed to the Minotaur, but he had other plans for the beast. With the help of the princess of Crete and the designer of the maze, he was able to confidently slay the Minotaur. began

When he left and set course for Athens, he broke two major promises though. He was meant to bring the princess with him, but he left her sleeping on an island. He was also supposed to switch the sail from black to white, but because he never did, his father, the King of Athens, killed himself, thinking his newly returned son had died.

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